China 250ml Liquid Laundry Soap detergent Cashmere Shampoo

Short Description:

 Product:  250ml Cashmere Shampoo
 Application:  Clothing Washing
 Type  cleaner
 Weight:  250g
Quatity:  10% Active Matter
 Ingredient:  Herbal
 Fragrance:  Flower
 Color:  Transparent
 Packing:  Individually Packed by Bottle

All the above specifications could be CUSTOMIZED according to customer’s requirements.

 Packaging  Individually packed by bag, 30pcs/carton.Accept Custom Packaging.
 Delivery Time  25-30 days after confirming deposit

Product Detail

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Removes tough stains effective e. g. Lip stick, paint, fruit juices, blood stain, ink, soy sauce, coffee and milk stain, without damaging fabrics and colors. Can be used on any variety of fabrics and precious clothes

  • Anti-sedimentation function: It contains particular factors which have obvious function of prevent stains to set on the clothes, protect clothes to become grey after being frequently washed.
  • Mild and No irritation:  It contains mild surfactant which can protect fabric and skin effectively.
  • Degermation and protection function: It removes stains and bacteria.
  • Antistatic function.
  • Softening: With new material, it has a dual function of cleaning and softening.
  • Whitening and brightening: It contains high effective photosensitizer which makes the washed clothes brighter.

Different Fragrance to Choose

lavendar, jasmine, lemon, international flower scent, Frangipani, CEDAR, or understand client's request

China 250ml Liquid Laundry Soap detergent Cashmere Shampoo (2)
China 250ml Liquid Laundry Soap detergent Cashmere Shampoo (3)

Measure with cap:
A. Fill cap to top line twice for medium loads
B. Use more for large or heavily soiled load

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