a bar of soap in your car can do so much good

Soap in our daily life is a very common daily necessities, can be bought in any supermarket, if you put it in the car, there are many benefits.First of all, in rainy days, take out the prepared soap to solve the problem of fog in the rearview mirror, the specific way is to apply soap on the rearview mirror, even if it rains, fog will not affect the line of sight.A second advantage is the ability to monitor the leakage of the parts, car driving on the car to avoid losses, so want to get into the habit of regular maintenance inspection, must not lazy, if in the car for a soap, found there are many fine lines on the tire can be coated with soap and water on the tyres, if there is a big bubbles appear that is about to go to repair tires.The third advantage is that it can deal with the leakage situation in an emergency. If you suddenly encounter a small area of oil leakage, you can soak soapy water in the dishcloth and wipe the leakage place repeatedly. Similarly, you can deal with the leakage of glass water in an emergency and repair it as soon as possible.

Post time: Jul-28-2020