Do you know the difference between laundry detergent and soap liquid?

The active component of laundry detergent is mainly non-ionic surfactant, and its structure includes water-wet end and oil-wet end, in which oil-wet end combines with stain, and then separates stain and fabric through physical movement.At the same time, surfactants reduce the tension of water, so that water can reach the surface of the fabric, so that the active ingredients play a role.Soap liquid is a new kind of fabric detergent which is different from washing liquid, washing powder and washing soap.Soap liquid has a unique implementation standard, strict and fine process requirements, soap real thick thick from natural, so the price should be higher than laundry liquid.

The activity of soap solution is mainly soap group, whose starting material is from renewable plants, while the activity of laundry solution is mainly coco-ethanolamide (surfactant), whose starting material is petroleum.Laundry soap solution contains active ingredients based on soap, and its structure is similar to oil and grease, which can remove oil stains more effectively. After wrapping oil stains, this ingredient combines with magnesium and calcium ions in water, easily separating from the fabric and improving its bleach performance.And washing liquid mostly USES non-ionic surfactant, PH close to neutral, mild to the skin, and discharged into nature, degradation faster than washing powder

Post time: Jul-28-2020